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Three important business advantages of the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy alternative for your business179棋牌app平台登录


You’ll discover that the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy system will give your business three big advantages. In a nutshell:179棋牌app线路网站


· By renting, you can equip your kitchen the way you want to without using up huge chunks of your working capital. It’s also a great way to ‘test the waters’ before making a big capital outlay or committing to a long-term lease.179棋牌app网站客户端


· Unlike most other forms of equipment financing, you don’t need to give a Director’s Guarantee to secure the equipment you need, which means you don’t have to put your personal assets on the line to finance your equipment.179棋牌app官方官网


· And at the end of 12 months – once you’ve proven the financial viability of your business- you have the option to buy your equipment. The good news is that when you do decide to buy we’ll give you a full 75% rebate on the rent you paid throughout the first year. 179棋牌app网站ios





Clearly renting your equipment is going to free up a lot of working capital for that critical first 12 months, but In addition there is a 'hidden' tax benefit that brings your rent down even further. 179棋牌appios网站


Because rent is 100% tax deductible it represents a 30% saving at Company tax rate. That’s a saving of 30% on rental payments made.179棋牌appios二维码


Renting gives you unrivalled flexibility at almost no extra cost179棋牌app网站ios


After the first 12 months you have a choice of options you just can’t get any other way.179棋牌app官方地址


· If things haven’t worked out as you expected, you can hand the equipment back. No questions. No penalties.179棋牌app下载网址


· You can upgrade your equipment.179棋牌app网址娱乐


· Or you can buy the equipment outright.179棋牌app注册网址


· Or if you want to continue renting after 12 months that’s fine too, we will simply continue to reduce the purchase price. You can purchase at any time and the price just gets cheaper.179棋牌appios二维码


It’s your choice. You just can’t get this level of flexibility when you buy or lease equipment. The great thing is, if you do decide to purchase your equipment, as you179棋牌app网站客户端

know, we’ll happily rebate 75% of the rent you paid over the first 12 months towards the original equipment purchase price.179棋牌app注册代理



In simple terms this means you can delay the purchase of your equipment for 12 months, hold on to most of your working capital for that time and get all the flexibility that goes with.179棋牌app地址官网



As we said before, you can protect your business and‘test the waters’ for a very low cost, before committing to large equipment purchases.179棋牌app网站ios


Thank you again for considering the Silver Chef alternative. 179棋牌app二维码注册


Three Things Most People Don’t Appreciate About Renting…179棋牌app线路网站


Apart from the fact that you don’t need to provide a Director’s Guarantee to rent from Silver Chef, renting has three other very important benefits:179棋牌app注册代理


· It frees up working capital to help you grow the business. Paying ‘cash’ for kitchen equipment means you have less working capital available to promote and grow the business. You’ll always get a better return on your money by investing it in the business than by tying it up in kitchen equipment that depreciates rapidly;179棋牌appiosios


· Remember, it’s the use of the equipment, not the ownership, that produces profit …179棋牌app网站ios


· Rental payments are an operating expense. This means no liability appears on your balance sheet – unlike when you take out a loan or lease. And because you have no balance sheet liability from your kitchen equipment, you can maintain a higher line of credit with your bankers.179棋牌app下载网址


It all comes back to working capital. Most businesses fail to thrive (or just plain fail) due to a lack of it.179棋牌appios网站


Renting gives you access to working capital that you just can’t get by leasing or purchasing equipment.179棋牌app注册代理